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Free The Hook offers a wide range of therapy plans that's best suited according to your needs! Consult online with the leading psychologists, therapists, counsellors, mental health experts via chat, phone or video call.

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3. Service Extra - An option only available inside Plan Achievable and 60 minutes Therapy where you can add-on sessions as per your convenience.

4. Booking Information - Fill all the details for your session.

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Mental Health

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Select your therapist manually to book an appointment with their personal services.

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Mental Illness Is Progressive, Like Cancer.

It’s your battle, but you don’t need to fight alone.

What areas can we Help you with?

Free The Hook also helps you to understand your pain better and help you manage it. Whether it is physical illness or "just not feeling well today", mental health is a priority for you and us both. 

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What People Say About Free The Hook

It felt like I was letting my heart out and my therapist she was responding and could figure out my problems along with that she made me realize such things which I never knew...

Diksha Kumari

Amazing channel to get professional help during these unprecedented times. A great initiative to help people especially in India where mental health is often overlooked.

Ravi Kumar

Excellent channel to get over the problems which you are not willing to share with other’s great initiative taken to help people who really wants to talk smile roll out Their emotions and live up their lives again

Sohail Sheikh

"Difficult to open up but yes I have got a ray of hope. For Indians visiting or consulting Therapist's is not a simple task because of the mindset but it was nothing like that when I spoke to the therapist.

Subhro Dutta

It was a really helpful session at Free the hook. The problems which i was facing from a year ago was indeed provided a solution. The psychologist listened to every word and provided with solutions.Thanks Free the hook and team.

Ravi SIngh

At first I was skeptical about therapy but when I found them on Instagram, something clicked like they're exactly saying what I am going through. I tried out the free trial, and it was the best decision I ever took. Thank you free the hook.

Anushka Mandal

Saw their advertisement and decided to look up to it. Mental issues are common but didn't know something called counseling could help me. So I took their free trial to find out the space and I must address that it was an eye opener.

Nitin Kumar

    Age doesn't matter, It affects us all.