Time management for students and key to success

Darshana Chhaparia

Darshana Chhaparia


Effective time management skill is the key to complete the daily or monthly targets more in less time due to their extraordinary focus skill and also by not contributing time to the distractions. There can be many distractions like social media, friends & family issues, or many other types of social stress. This is the skill of organization and plans to how to give time for every activity for the fixed target enables you to study smartly not only by pushing hard. Even in times of pressure, the skills are the best companion that will never leave your side. Of course, it is very hard for students due to the hectic schedule nowadays but a schedule helps the student to prepare well, focus, and most importantly in being organized. Eventually, all these factors lead to success. Time management skills are needed to be learned and practiced thoroughly by students. There should be certain deadlines and they can be as follows:

  • Monthly planning, an overview of certain fixed targets or deadlines for some months ahead.
  • Weekly planning, grab a journal and sit down once a week to prioritize it down I.e., put most important/urgent targets first other as follows then break these down into manageable chunks. Put most challenging tasks at your own efficient time which needs more concentration.
  • Try not to be very tight keep it alternative and flexible. Don’t burden yourself at once with lots of work as it will only give you anxiety.
  • Set daily targets, to push goals in the right direction. This could be your awesome guide as it rightly said “small drops make an ocean”.
  • Must put some gaps in between your plans to rest, exercise, sleep, and other things for being effective in studies and remain healthy mentally as well physically. It is most important for the brain to rest to function well. So, keep everything flexible and don’t be so hard on yourself.
  • Try to distribute all your work into small and equal halves. This way all the things will not burden you at once and could be completed easily.

Now, the question arises that how to complete prioritized targets effectively? Here are some awesome tips to achieve all those tasks productively as follows:

  • Setting a timer I.e., get a clock for you it is a great time saver method to complete the deadlines effectively.
  • Scheduling will set you free & mind clear and help you take your day forward effectively. Therefore, schedule each task like daily activities too: where to go, what to do, and to grab some free time in a day to relax.
  • Learn to say “NO” to useless gatherings and events which could lead you to distractions.