Academic Failure : When all you can feel is ashamed and fear

Darshana Chhaparia

Darshana Chhaparia


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Academic failure i.e.; lack of educational success initially from schools that may lead to a loss in higher education. Later, this may also create social as well as economic loss. It is the failure which any individual can struggle academically at any point in their life. From our society’s point of view not delivering the fundamental degree that was primarily aimed at is called academic failure. Of course, there can be many causes to it like mental, behavioral, emotional, and social issues and many more.

Some of the reasons are:

  • School failures comprise the wrong approach of teachers, different teaching characteristics, poor school facilities.
  • Some students don’t have goals to strive for, lack of inspiration, static irregularities in class or school as well, laziness towards completing targets, dependency on someone’s guidance all the time.
  • Also, nowadays in many cases, it depends on the level of educational qualification of parents, parental behavior and their attentiveness towards the respective ward, social or economic status of respective families.
  • Among high school student’s academic failure can be due to unable to start their studies because of fear of failure, even after they start their studies, they continuously break the chain and constantly procrastinate. Sometimes, it is also due to failure in time management skills, negative thoughts of failure itself, and all of the above lack of self-confidence in them.

However, there will always be opportunities to cope-up with failures at any stage of life irrespective of age, you just need to have the right approach towards it. So, here are some of the following measures:

  • A proper mentality towards your academics plays a major role in achieving academic goals. Despite continuously judging your past failures try to learn and move on from them. Instead, of focusing on shortcomings try to master those areas which are troubling you or they could again become a reason for your failure.
  • According to society, either success or failure is an important part of people’s identities, and influenced by society, many people usually adopt their identity as a failure. So, success should become a contrast to their nature. To overcome the adopted failure’s identity, one should have self-compassion. Therefore, stop overthinking and taking it as a challenge to your fate and try to see your failure as a fixable problem. As problems do exist but they can be solved as well. Think of it as an opportunity to create success or failure from it. Most importantly, everyone has to face problems in their life to become successful.


Note: Remember a fresh start is just a new mindset. So, adopt a proper mindset to let that be your guide. Set your mind and adjust the situations to prioritize academics into them. Consider a mindset to adjust your goals as the strengths.