How to deal with academic depression for students.

Prerana M Krishna

Prerana M Krishna


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Studying is approached with a sense of duty rather than curiosity at present. Parents’ expectations of their wards coupled with students’ inability to meet them; students setting highly optimistic unattainable goals; increasing gap between actual self, ideal self, and ought self; are common pathways that trigger depression academically. 

Does studying feel like a burden?

In school, to a certain stage, the subjects that need to be studied are fixed by curriculum and not based on choice. Then, how do we tackle this? Making comprehensive plans, charting out weaknesses and strengthens, and focusing on one day at a time helps. Furthermore, asking for help when needed is crucial, not everyone can succeed individually and there’s no harm in asking for extra guidance, be it peers or teachers. 

Are you studying what you want? (college)

While pursuing higher studies, one does have options to choose the stream they would see themselves excelling in. Here again, unbeknownst to us we become absorbed in the one-size-fits-all race of society. Taking a drop year to figure out one’s needs will not result in total chaos. Instead of leads to self-introspection, to discover interests and pursue them. In contrast, financial constraints for some students do limit their options. They may pursue a professional degree to gain stable footing in order to follow their dreams in the future. While doing so, facing tribulations is common, seeking help from therapy as well as social networks to look beyond present hardship will enable them to overcome such trials.

Falling short of expectations with respect to marks in assessments?

Students evaluate their performance not with respect to knowledge but based on comparisons with peers or expected high marks. Understanding the subject knowledge is of utmost value, prioritizing knowledge over momentary appreciation is key for success. Upon failing to meet expectations post all efforts possible, it is important to comprehend the minuscule nature of one exam in the context of the universe. Nevertheless, the future of an individual is not at the judgment of a test or exam.