Bully: Dealing with the dominance, enforcement, and ignorance

Darshana Chhaparia

Darshana Chhaparia


Bullying is when some person enforces or dominates you aggressively by their action or words repeatedly. The person who bullies usually has more powers than the victim or they choose those people who are not able to defend themselves. Bullies are just not present at school or college, they could be anywhere, at the workplace or mutual friends. Usually, people don’t identify bully as a problem when it happens outside school or college but it could happen anywhere even in families. Threatening, defaming, harassing, pressurizing to do something and any activity degrading someone’s mental health is bullying. It happens due to being afraid of them or thinking that they are superior to you so, they can dominate you but the bullies are human too and are no superior to you. Nowadays, cyberbullying is very common which includes threatening messages, harassing videos, and many more. 

Symptoms of the bully are:

  • Always being visibly scared and anxious with the people around them due to the trauma faced by them.
  • Insecure about everyone around them even with their friends and family.
  • A lowering of grades or decrease in performance at school or workplace can be seen.
  • No friends or a limited number of friends as they are afraid to make friends.
  • Frequent sadness and trouble while sleeping is also observed in some cases.
  • Avoiding social situations or social gatherings 
  • Unexplained absence at work or school is mostly observed during these conditions.
  • Loneliness and helplessness develop day by day inside the person and his attitude becomes negative towards every situation.

Now, the question arises of how to deal with this situation and the bullies. The first approach to deal with this should be never to agree to the bully, stand tall and deny them straight forward if they ask anything to you. Always remember the bully is bullying you because you are allowing the bully unconsciously. You are also as much at fault as the bully is because you have decided that as your fate. No, you are not less than anyone and you do not deserve this. After all, it is you who have to stand for yourself and who can save you from the bully.

Here are some ways to deal with a bully:

  • Try your best to do not react to the bully like just walk off or laugh at them whenever they try to bully. This will make them think that it doesn’t affect you.
  • Be confident and try to speak out about it to everyone so that they can feel humiliated and afraid to repeat their actions.
  • Set your limits. Be polite and deny them swiftly for anything you don’t think is appropriate. 
  • Always complain about the bully and never choose to remain silent about it. Silence will do nothing except making the situation worse.
  • Gather all your strength, control your emotion, and don’t show them that you are weak and powerless. A bully attack only those who can’t defend themselves.

Note:  Strong people stand out for themselves and you are strong enough to stand against it and pull out yourself from this pit. What you need is just a moment of courage.