Peer-Pressure and Competition: You can't run or hide but face

Prerana M Krishna

Prerana M Krishna


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Are you constantly being compared to other kid’s grades which takes away your mood to prove your parents better and lowers your self-esteem and confidence?

Pain and suffering need to be faced to attain closure and peace. Temporary fixes exasperate to the point of breaking. This fallout requires hours of time and effort to effectively address the issue. Healing is intrinsic to acknowledging as well as coming to terms with experiences and consequences. It needs to be regarded as the cornerstone of assembling pieces that were chipped off, to mend self before moving forward with life. Timely therapy and conclusion to ongoing worries will reduce complications later on in life.   

Plastering a leaky roof without fixing the pipes results in remodeling the entire house. In a similar vein, if an underlying torment is neglected, the detriments carry forward to other aspects of an individual’s life. The harm of such a magnitude, like in the case of the house, requires an entire revamp of self. 

Trauma especially in childhood, as seen in studies, handicaps an individual in performing to their potential as an adult. While such trauma can originate either from parents, a competitive environment or from disturbing experiences, the absence of resolution, an intervention can lead to digressive behavior. To combat this, the value of counselors in school for children as well as parents needs to be stressed. In a world that’s changing faster than our sensibilities, we need to take account and create space for healing our emotional well-being. 

Educating students about mental health, providing them with healthy coping mechanisms, and identifying best practices for prompt intervention will help children and young adults cope and heal. In the end, we aspire to create a society of healthy and mindful individuals. To do so, focusing on grassroots level health and outreach is a must.

Resolving trauma earlier rather than later will prevent the unhealthy buildup of emotions. Burying scarring experiences is a way the mind copes with trauma. Often such trauma exhibits itself in unfavorable behaviors. Listening and helping an individual instead of critiquing and isolating the individual will provide them with the assistance they need to achieve life satisfaction.