ADHD Burnout is Real. Here’s How to Avoid It

Darshana Chhaparia

Darshana Chhaparia


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Burnout is something that can affect anyone but those with ADHD are more susceptible to be affected by it. ADHD can cause fatigue and exhaustion of the brain more frequently because when you see others can do that task much more easily than you, then it’s normal to become exhausted of it. Burnouts are not easy to define – it’s a state of emotional, physical and mental exhaustion where one feels everything is simply impossible and they cannot bear it anymore. They become so devoid of motivation that they cannot see even a single ray of hope of getting things done. This affects their quality of life, gives them troubled relationships and sometimes even results in affecting their career. Stress at the workplace, uncertainty in life, or too many responsibilities often become the reasons for ADHD burnout. Now let’s see how to avoid these burnouts:  

  • Focus On Your Needs: In most cases, burnout happens because we rather try to do everything or nothing and this sometimes makes us go hard on ourselves, so just try to focus on what you want and how much work you have to do to achieve it. Listen to your body and mind.
    • Practice Mindfulness: Be conscious of your positive and negative thoughts. Always remember to “Respond rather than react”. This will reduce the strain on your mind created due to workload.  
    • Set Healthy Boundaries: Setting boundaries doesn’t make you a bad person. Instead, it’s a form of self-care. Regulating the amount of work could prevent you from too much exhaustion. Take a step back from things you are not supposed to do.
    • Make a routine: Maintain a planner for your daily life. This will help you keep organized and makes you concentrate on things that are important for you.
  • Spare yourself some time: Always try to spare some time for yourself in a day like doing your favorite activity or reading a book in bed. You can also talk to your favorite person. This will help you calm down and make you focus on positive things in your life.
  • Build a relationship with you: The last piece of advice is to try to know yourself better. It will reduce the uncertainty in your life, give you a clearer view of the things rushing in your mind, and help you to settle it down.

Burnout doesn’t go on its own, if you are already having ADHD Burnout try to address it quickly. If you ignore it, it will only harm you and down the lane, it will become worse. So, begin your recovery early by considering professional help.