How to have a healthier relationship with ADHD

Darshana Chhaparia

Darshana Chhaparia


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ADHD affects our interaction and behavior with other people; thus, it affects relationships too. ADHD can cause misunderstandings, irritations, resentment which bitters the relationship. But there are different ways and strategies to build a healthy relationship with ADHD.

The continuous distractibility, difficulty in organizing, and frustrations of the person with ADHD usually make the relationship challenging. They keep on forgetting important things like paying bills, bringing stuff which increases the responsibilities of the other person and this could make them feel angry or frustrated sometimes, and thus, they feel exhausted or overwhelmed with so many responsibilities.  The other challenges they face during relationships are emotional outbursts; people with ADHD often exhaust easily and outbursts which leads to regular arguments. Their forgetfulness or not being attentive can also make the other person feel ignored or that they are not important to their partner. However, all these problems can be solved with genuine efforts:

If you are a person with ADHD, try to appreciate the efforts of another person in the relationship. You could feel criticized or nagged and may think that another person is trying to gain control over you but instead they are actually working hard to take care of you, try to appreciate the efforts of your partner and make them feel comfortable and appreciated. 

If you are in a relationship with someone who has ADHD, first try to understand the situation from their point of view. Manage your frustrations and encourage your partner to reach their full potential. Don’t criticize them or tell them they can’t do anything right, instead try to support them always. You could fell sometimes unappreciated and ignored but there are ways to be happy with an ADHD partner:

  • look on to positive sides of ADHD like their empathy and resilience
  • learn more about ADHD and what role it plays in the relationship.
  • try to communicate to your partner about issues they are facing
  • respond to the challenges and be productive together.
  • try to see things according to your partner’s perspective.
  • Understanding and trust are the keys to get through all the problems together. 

Take small and positive steps towards understanding your partner. By working together as a team and analyzing the issues side by side, you both can make the relationship long, happy, and healthy.

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